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My Hero

My Hero
  Ana-Maria Negrilă
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Ana-Maria Negrilă

Publicat Sâmbătă, 2 Septembrie 2006, ora 19:30

       When we are delivered to this world, we are born with just a small number of characteristics that help us find our place in the world. Maybe this is the reason why we need models to learn from. The innate traits that are part of our heritage are more regarded as the basis for our future education giving us a place to start from and a solid foundation on which we will later add the information we need. Consequently, the parents are our first role models as they are the first people we see around us and the first who teach us valuable lessons. Of course, as time goes by, we need more and more landmarks in our way and we start to look outside the family circle so that we may find more models to add to our collection even if these are not the heroes our parents would prefer.
      Psychologists consider that heroes are beneficial to children as they help them shape their personality and make them want to improve. Small children have their world centered on their parents whose demeanor they’ll imitate until their own personality will be developed. That’s why what kids experience within their family might be crucial to their future development. This leads to the important part parents have to play in their children’s education as, at a certain age, children do not have the power to discern and accept whatever is fed into them.
      Even if the power of the role models is sometimes underestimated when it comes to shaping young minds, it is accepted that wrong models can produce considerable damage. Later in life, when parent’s influence is not so great children can get lost on tortuous paths and choose a wrong model that will change their entire life. However, if this is not taken to the extreme, a role model can be an idealized person who will help children be more determined about what they want to do with their lives.
      Of course, there are people who are not entirely against the idea of role models, but who have a lot to say when it comes to their quality. It is true that most of the heroes preferred by the young generation are not the ones their parents would accept. Pop singers, rappers, football players are maybe a little too far from the traditional idea of a hero. In the world of the VIP’s, there is no place for scholars or even for war heroes. Therefore, according to some critics, children learn to worship characters that will probably bring them very little benefit.
      However, heroes can also be seen as a chance people have to learn to become better. We might take our parents or other people as our heroes, but the most important thing is what valuable lessons we can learn from them. Role models come in many colors and shapes so it is just up to us to choose the best one that will serve our purpose.

© Copyright Ana-Maria Negrilă
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