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Jim`s mailbox: Letter to Erica

Jim`s mailbox: Letter to Erica
  James Fisher
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James Fisher

Publicat Duminică, 8 Octombrie 2006, ora 10:12

      Things out here in Maine are beautiful in every season except this one ...wet sloppy misty spring. Okay the mist is nice but it is still too cool to turn off the heat. I spent the whole winter pretty much playing scrabble with Tammy. Then we had snow shoes and went hiking through woods, under branches and beside icy boulders. Some of the mountain's exposed cliffs were covered in over 4 feet of snow. They froze to make a great big ice slide with bumps, turns and soft bushes at the end. I might have gotten up to thirty miles per hour on one particularly steep slide and my finger caught a branch and swung me around in circles and out of control. Well I guess it will be my arthritic weather finger. Guess what? We get little strawberries in the spring growing on our road. June is when the raspberries get ripe. July is when summer starts heating up and we start to play outdoors. August is when the Blueberries are ready to pick and eat. That is the time of the year when you can swim in the lake out back. There is a wooden raft about a miles swim away. Oh and did I mention how slow it is swimming though warm slithery afternoon lily pad vines. Yeach! Stepping out from shore there is stinky mud two feet deep that you have to walk through. You had better get some swim shoes and get used to walking with em on slippery mud. There are slimy rocks in the shore mud so one false move could cause a stinky fall. Maybe you should just ride out to the raft in the canoe and swim the return trip. Oh and did I mention that there are beavers, leaches, turtles, tadpoles as big as my big toe. Lets be honest there are a few toe nibblers in the bunch. If you are afraid you can canoe both ways to the raft if you like. All the snow melts so fast out here in the spring that our shared road gets flooded by a swollen stream every spring and we get cut off from the rest of the world. However, being this remote you can yell across the misty lake and hear your echo as loud as you want. Oh and then there is Estes Rock. A huge rock that spires over the lake by over 100 feet and you can row a canoe beside it. On top of the rock is a great place to see ducks, eagles and animals I have yet to see. You can look down from the rock and see the reflection of the sky in the lake. I haven't seen what it looks like when the moon and stars are out but it would probably be like floating in space sitting on the moon. Down at the far and most remote end of the lake is the deep woods. Here the trees are so thick that it is like a jungle. It has hanging ferns and moss speckled in sunlight. All the ground rocks in the deep woods are green and covered in moss. There are coyotes that howl at the moon similar to the sound of whales talking under water. There are also Loons with a mysterious echolike song. There are beaver castles made with mud and sticks almost like an upside down birds nest. Oh and just one more little warning. I must prepare you for the trail up to the top of Estes Rock. It is treacherous. One of the stepping logs is a rotten tree. In fact all of the ground on that trail feels wet, spongy and rotten. But on top of the rock it is like looking out over the whole world ...hundreds and hundreds of square miles. You can even see the Orange River in my front yard. For accommodations you will have a big sunny deck view of the river and steps down to the blueberry garden. We buy Country Crock by the tub and Tammy makes pizza if you want something other than steak and lobster. Let's see what else must I warn you about. Oh yes, the house bends. This winter there was so much snow on the roof that the house bent and Tammy's garage door didn't open. There is also a bend beneath the secret upstairs hot tub that is covered with a guest bed because I don't want it to fall through the kitchen ceiling full of water. You have a choice of the bed, the couch or an air mattress.

© Copyright James Fisher
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