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He wore leather

Terrie Leigh Relf

Publicat Duminică, 15 Octombrie 2006, ora 09:49

      you’re a vision of heaven and hell in
      that black leather jacket
      a Blake-ian wonder peeled from a page
      inhabiting more dimensions than three
      you hold up the cathedral wall with that knowing smile
      lips burning red against the night
      she crawled inside you
      burrowed beneath your skin
      you pretended not to notice
      made a mental note to flagellate yourself
      a few more times
      after the moon rises
      or perhaps at that time just before dawn
      when spirits haunt the less-wakeful
      it’s confession time
      I used you
      before you used me
      but my reasons were more rational
      more noble
      at the least
      more fitting
      to the occasion
      I used you
      for poetry
      took out the parts that didn’t belong
      saved those that were mysterious
      and a few others
      that defy naming
      but you liked it
      being used
      knowing that your face
      your hands
      your thoughts
      your words
      were being splayed on the page
      the audience walks by
      oohs and ahhs
      as they read
      the glorious scent of your eyes
      the sumptuous taste of your smile
      the raw sound of your breathing
      it’s not fear
      you see
      joy you hear
      but an unmapped emotion
      it arose as
      you turned
      glanced at them
      for just a moment
      then strolled past
      the wrought iron gate
      we gather
      who was that?
      who is he?
      shrug away our unease
      share observations
      the truth is
      that no one knows
      who you are
      they haven’t a clue
      but we’ll read you anyway
      peer between the lines
      decipher the runes and symbols
      embedded there
      because truth is an ambiguous thing
      it morphs
      wobbles between
      this world
      and the next
      at that precipical edge
      where monsters and
      demons wait
      jaws gnashing
      with delight
      as the ship rents the waves
      at the world’s end
      we’ll cast ropes
      within a haven
      of gnarled branches
      whose roots
      defy erosion
      there’s a reward for the creature
      but there’s no consensus on
      whether it’s better to bring it in
      dead or alive
      see how it thrashes about
      plays dead
      then is finally
      and irrevocably

© Copyright Terrie Leigh Relf
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