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The party

The party
  Raluca Blănaru
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Raluca Blănaru

Publicat Duminică, 15 Aprilie 2007, ora 10:37

      I’m reading my diary, the note book where I find my deepest and crazy thoughts, and I like to live again the events that hapend long time ago. I stopped at a certain page, I don’t know exacly why, but I think that it reminds me of the times that I wasn’t thinking to much at school because of the summerhollyday which makes me very happy. Summer seems to me so far away that I prefer to remember those days and to put myself in the shoes of the teenager who had nothing to worry about.
      “Today is a rainy summerday and the sun is hidden behind the whitish clouds, I don’t think that there are any chances for the rain to show up, and this is making me accept the proposal of my friends and to go to a party.”
      After I finished the prepairations, we go toghether where the party is going to take place, the reception of the host seems nice, and this encourages me to come with a funny idea to my friends. After a few minutes I show up with two accomplices on the “dance floor”, accompanied by a fez full with slips. As I aspected, everybody was curious and wanted to play this misterious game. After I had explained all the rules, everyone chooses one ticket which contains a order that must be carried out first by the host, as the rule sais: the host starts the game. So, Sergiu is the first one who tries. On the choosen ticked it said he must eat a cake without helping himself with a spoon or with his hands, something hard to do because he has no experience in this domain. I imagine the photos shooted while the participant was trying to finish eating the last part of whipcream that remained on the plate. He is so dirty that he cannot breathe, he cannot talk, but it’s OK, some water helps him.
      The next participant nominated by the jury is another boy: Cristi. The test that he has to pass is the most difficult and devious one. He must dance with a girl, and a egg which is going to stay between their heads mustn’t be broken. She has the right to cover her hair, but he must risk. A bath is welcome whenever it takes.
      After the testpassing of all the participants, comes my turn, I carry out my “mision” and while I’m staying on the balcony and recite a poem, as the ticket asked, the persons that were right behind me wanted to frighten me and they bring the cake ment to be eatten at the finish of the party and they put it on top of me. I thought inside my head:”they are capable to do anything!”, so I vanished quickly from there…and the cake falled lovely over the balcony. By mistake, some neighbours were down there on a bench when they realise that a very big cake is going to fall from the fourth floor. The screams weren’t useful, the cake is still falling and soon the loop of hair of a refined lady became whipcream.
      We stopped the music, the lights, we were all hidding in the dark and wating for the neighbours to come. After a half an hour of silence, we go home, quickly. Surprise! The neighbours were still in front of the bloc and talking about the flying cake.
      Where can we hide? Where is another exit? Questions without answer…
      Somebody came with an idea, a good one. We went to another one of our friends from the first floor from where we intended to jump, even though the fear was great in that moment, we had a little courage left. But when is ourselves that we have to save, it doesn’t matter: the purpose excuses the means!
      I thanked very much to the neighbour from the ground floor for the fact that he has a strong balcony, with a unslippery roof and I came home at last.
      It’s so good that I could live again those moments like they had happened yesterday! With the risk that my mother could find the diary, I’m still keeping it!

© Copyright Raluca Blănaru
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