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Virus in Paradise

Maria Popescu-Butucea

Publicat Duminică, 2 Noiembrie 2008, ora 08:33

      This morning the rainy season was coming. I am looking on the windows and I have the strange feeling that some wolfs are near the corner. So, what can I do in order to survive? Possible, the only reasonable things I can do is just to wait in the local habit. Just wait.


      This is the Paradise. In this garden beings are happy. They are opened mind (in their opinions) they can do anything they want like to eat delicious food, to enjoy, to travel. By the way, to enjoy means to work hardly, to use the time as much as they can, if is possible no breaks, just a few necessary for eat and sleep. Although that place is protected by a Big Web in order to keep the freedom, although some birds are passing out in the round sky and never come back. That terrible, to leave the native place! The guardians are frequently shutting some unlucky birds. Poor birds!

      Me, I am here by my wish, loving differences. So, what I want to say is I was looking for myself traveling here. Give me a reason, said one of my friend at my departure. No reason. That all!


      For me is like living in a language,spelling A, B, C,…or something like this. This language has no tenses to express time, because in their mind they live for ever. This is the Paradise! Sure, you can remember the ancient myth about Adam and Eve who is living over there. They have been free and they have been happy that time (do you remember which time?). The God has only a request and said: You can do everything you wish but don’t touch and eat from that tree, knowledge’s apple tree! Oh, knowledge! Why should they get knowledge if they have been happy? Only Gods need knowledge, for making their life happy! And they’ve agreed. In theory, but in practice the experiment was failed. To be frankly, that being wasn’t so happy and made a huge mistake and broke the rule. So far, a new experiment was designed for a New Paradise.

      Meanwhile Gods decide to give to those beings, new puppets, something very interesting: the languages. This new Paradise would be dominated by words, created by words and protected by words. Here is new humankind, a new Adam living in the language’s dream.

      So, in this land, actually, everything is a word. They used it everyday asking to the sun to rise and to shine again. It is so simple this language! Everything is possible! And people are happy just using words. The God infected people using happiness virus trough words. But they don’t know anything about it. As disease, words are a very efficient and strong gun. Happiness gives immortality. And we are so many, undying people! I forgot to mention that all of us are able to multiply ourselves. Our heads are so big, but empty using just sounds and reflecting the world sounds. The most important thing in our language is that there aren’t tenses. We are infinite. Of course, we know that abroad there are some kind of monkeys, which can attacks us, but our gods, leaders of our Gardner protect us very carefully. They decide what is good for us, they give us enough food, hm, delicious, and ask to behave in a traditional way, (they said that traditional way is the best way) and ask us to love each others as a brothers and sisters. When is time and we have to marred our parents go to the store (as a temple) and order a wife or a husband for us. So, what big deal marriage? This is just a selling, a business. The most dangerous is to have feelings. We are not able to have feelings. This is the roots of the evil! No feelings, that means no harm, no sufferance.

      But, in a day, in our Paradise was coming a Stranger. God accepted because he is looking like us, except the big nose. They believe he is not dangerous. And wasn’t till a day. Everyday that man was looking birds and took picture. What great job! Birds are beautiful but naive. Sometimes they are flying in the wind and escape out, explained to him the guide. It is worse for them! Poor bird! They are infected by the freedom viruses and couldn’t come back in our sweetly paradise.


      When children are around, that strange man gives them some candies and talks about his country, far way from here, long, long distance, over the seas. He explains that over the ocean, people are not undying and they have to work for their happiness, possible shorter but great, that beings have feeling and romantic love, some times is tragic, but they like to fight for their love. Romantic love is a balance between ecstasy and agony. When she or he loves you that means ecstasy, when beloved rejected you is agony. Oh, my god, said the apprentice, but it is horrible for people! Yes, it is true, sometime is not a happy end, but life is life, we can change anytime we want. Oh, in such a case, is better for us being without feelings! Who care about this issue? To work diligent and respect your duty is the right behavior and go on. Children seem do not understand and their big eyes ask more and more stories about romantic love. They use to hands up when meet him and call this strange man “Beauty”, not because he is beautiful, but because he is different. This angel magician is caring everyday a big stone on his shoulders, hoping in a day somebody will understand that responsibility is not so difficult. Unfortunately nobody understands anything, at first. Responsibility is only for gods. We are ordinary being, we have to obey and just be happy. The stranger is becoming more and more sad, because he is more and more alone. Some kids follow him, but most of them are busy with school, parents are calling them do accomplish theirs duty and teachers ask more and more homework in order to survive and build theirs life in this competitive word! Why competitive? Competitive, because they are a lot of monkeys around us and they can attack us anytime. We need a total war!

      The stranger begins to learn the language and understand why they are so afraid. The Word -Virus is so powerful, and it needs to be perfect in writing, spelling, otherwise the curse is coming. People are afraid about mistakes and to learn other things. They might be punished by the real guardian who is checking every morning, if they are weak up or not. He is using a trumpet and beating a dumb. Practice the happiness! Practice the happiness! We need more practice in this garden. Meanwhile some students are started to look birds. Just look. Oh, but… where are my diligent boy? Ask one day the teacher. Disappear! Answer the classmates. On the window? No, it not possible. Come back! Darling! Astonishing others, the boy is jumping from tree to tree. There is a yellow bird waiting me, and blue one! But is not perfect like ours, my boy! Look its plumage is not perfect like Pheonix! So what? This is my bird and I want it! Respond the boy who is now taking pictures. For sure, is a strange boy, may be a mutant? The teacher calls the doctor of paradise. But the doctor said that boy loses the ability to walk, he is flying now. He was infected by the strange man how was last days in this country. The last news was he starts to learn language and soon will be convert to our culture, if his blood will be compatible with, if not he will be a dead man. His strange habit to watch birds corrupted our students, complain some teachers. He starts to learn our songs? Ask the chief guardian. Yes, said and elder man. We all hope our language can eat his mind and soon his head will be empty. So, they decided let him free in the town. Next day, the man has colored his hair in green and the others day in purple. Some girls became green and some purple and boys found in love! Oh, what a disaster!

      Don’t express your self, use a curtain! The walls were covered by words to stop the feeling to manifest. More or less in this garden some flowers was cut off by guardians but doesn’t matter now, the order is settled again.


      I think I will finish the story next time. A very beautiful bird is at my windows and I might catch in my camera soon. I am hungry of songs. I need more songs, more acquisitions, knowledge. If we miss the world we have word, but word are eating us, like a virus.


      Din notele magicianului:



      “Before my bed is a pool of moonlight,

      Can it be frost upon the ground?

      Eyes raised, I see the moon so bright,

      Head bent, in homesickness I’m drowned”L.B.


      Hmm! Here is something wrote in unknown language.


      “Vedeti, azi au adormit cu totii pe pietre la soare si viseaza ca zboara. Cuvintele curg de la stanga la dreapta de sus in jos si din interior catre exterior. Nu stii niciodata care te poate omori, vreau sa spun sa ucida Eul cel profound. Aceste vietati au Eul distrus. He, he Freud, aici nu ar avea ce gasi daca ar cerceta. Eul e ceva ca o molusca cu multe picioare, Eul colectiv! Fiecare e doar un brat, un deget sau o extremitate, nu conteaza.

      Trebuie sa il intalnesc pe nenea Freud sa ii spun ca aici nu functioneza teoria sa. Si nici aia cu 7 plus sau minus 2. Astia au o memorie fantastica! Fiintele acestea murmura si cand mananca si cand dorm…2 ori trei fac…sau “ci sian sian tien ga” si cand tu prepari toate teoriile din lume, ei iti dau in cap cu solutia. Uite asta cautai? Noi stiam deja! Super! Ramai cu gura cascata! Cuvintele scormone in capul lor si cresc acolo niste plantute ciudate si apoi fructe, pacat ca fructul oprit e fara culoare si miros. nu e pentru toti. Copilul asta sta cu capu plecat… da sunt de acord cu tine, dar…noi… zeii nostrii… asa vad lucrurile…da…”

      Another day


      I am confused. His time they are dancing and singing glorious songs.

      Oh, lovely mountains! A big curtain covers the shy. We see a boy singing a sad song about his lost love, actually, an imaginary love. Aha, they are wake up! Is there some seeds of feeling without word. People start to become double. One part for god, pretending they agree and other one for themselves. What shell I do in order to forget the ground?

      We have to bear a masque! Yeah, Why not?! A masque can express everything, can hidden us.


      What a game! Look! We can choose everything we want! To be animals, like pigs, elephants, dogs, cats! A boy sent every day messages using just picture. He is infected by pictures! Like very much pictures and Magician like also to play this game. Can you catch me? Can you guess who am I? Can you? What could be behind my masque? Feelings? Desires? Benevolence? Hate? Love? Everything might be! In a corner, some girls are pretending to be lovely cats. So, shell we be more shy if we have wear that masque, shall we? And the song is strange! It is about the wind blowing. The wind of change blows straight into the face. The Mu-mien trees are wondering! No, those girls aren’t the same. I will tell you for sure, my brothers, they are new! Said an old tree. Oh, do you remember? Eva used one of my leave to cover, to hidden herself in the lost paradise! Danger!!! Be careful girls! But they enjoy very much and didn’t listen at all any words of that wise tree. Wisdom seems to be the last things in the world in which they are interested. We like freedom, we like enjoy, we like dangerous things! I want to fly!


      But sure guardians have arrested stupid girls and dressed them again in the old language, dress them with words and also empty heads are suddenly filed by words. Words explain the true, shows the way, pushes the obstacles, moves the cars. The head is working like a machine. Again and again, great job is doing every second…every second.


      Words are living there like in nestle. Actually new words are born … until a day when the antivirus is into the head and eat some piece. Love destroy the order, love don’t request words, just feelings. Ha, ha, ha …Love without words pushed the last upgrade. Paradise need more, dare for more, ask questions…


      Where are you lovely stranger? Are you disappearing? I will remember your lessens, go ahead and don’t look back! No matter how hard it is, just try!

      Eyes are singing a new song, hands are flying, memory is lost, we are what are we eating! And we are eating light! Gods decide to take in custody every new song and translate in words. But unfortunately, in Paradise the sky was broken up and it starts to rain by white flowers and red stories of a future time. Some people are climbing the rambow caring a huge bag in their back. The responsibility for their happiness…utopian virus was deleted.





      I am the Magician and I became alone survivor in this land infected by words. I am dying. Those are the latest words from Paradise. Message forwarded to the next Paradise: USE YOUR MIND!


      This story was written by Pan Xiao xu (Mica Stea de la Răsărit) in 4709, A.D.


© Copyright Maria Popescu-Butucea
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