A world of Magic

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A world of Magic

Marius Damian

Publicat Duminică, 27 August 2006, ora 10:43

      Every evening i stay with my litlle daughter and we watch cartoons. She is very found of all this... Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, all this is Magic for her and I am his companion in this world of Magic, wondering every night with her...Magic is there everytime and it's power is measureless.
      Childhood is, pre-eminently, a world of Magic. Gnomes, Elfs, Wizzards, Fairies ... All of them have their places and all of them live for real in this beautifull world. Our childs are themselves a part of Magic of this world and we must be very gratefull to the Universal Spirit to have them with us ....
      Magic can be found in all life manifestations. Think about the sunset in the mountains ... Remember the smell of the grass after the rain... Imagine a drop of water flowing down the leafs of a plant.... Hear again the cry of your first born, greeting the Universe who is expected him or her to discover and explore .... Life can be considered a Magic Creation of Universe itself, the eyes of Universe aiming on itself, who surround us with all it's manifestations, good or bad, in the same proportions. Because the balance must be in all, we have the other face of Magic, black Magic watching... And many fall into black Magic and into it's ways... The black ways looks easy and nice for the people who cannot see the right path to achieve their dreams... Lies, deceptions, violence, murder, all of this is part of Black Magic, who has great powers, and the path to distruction can look nice and promising, but in the end the result is the same - totally loss of real Magic. This is tragic for any human beying on Earth and no one must go that way, down to the ravine of deception....
      We need Magic, the real Magic. This can be the joy of life and share all with the people we love and dream to the next life as a small part of the infinite Univers. We must hope that our dreams will become real for us and for the people who is next on line on the Universe list... And we must keep that list open forever...
      Can we live without Magic? I guess not... Because deep inside every one of us lies the litlle boy or girl who rise those inquiring eyes towards Universe and feel Magic with all his or her nature... The one who still wait for Santa Claus every winter ... The one who still know that fairies is watching while sleeping ...
      We must search for Magic everyday and recognize it when it's near us... Then we'll be happy and we'll have enough to share... Writting stories and make people dream about Magic and share with them the gleam of paradise who is touching your spirit - this can be Magic indeed!
      We cannot live without Magic, this makes us all to be less humans... Magic is a very part of us and make us to be what we are - Human Beyings....

© Copyright Marius Damian
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