Love...Thy will be done

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Things we are ashamed of

Love...Thy will be done

Roxana Brinceanu

Publicat Duminică, 22 Aprilie 2007, ora 09:34

      We use to say love is divine, love lifts us above all evil, love is a gift from Heaven, love gives us the power to succeed in everything we do. We surrender to love.
      Do we?
      How often do we really surrender to love? Is there a “right” love and a “wrong” love? Are our feelings towards a person less divine then our feelings to another one? What makes the difference? Should it be the ancient commandment “You shall not commit adultery”? Suppose in both cases, people involved are free and no other person would be harmed by the new relationship. Should it be a suspicion regarding the real intentions of one of the parts? No, we are talking about love, true love, deep love, shared love. Should it be the doubtful past or the difficult character of the partners? It’s their problem and their choice. Nobody knows better then themselves.
      Then what?
      Let’s study a particular situation: A loves B and B loves A. Both of them are not married, both of them serious, both of them want to be together for always, want to start a solid long term relationship. Both A and B have no other obligation towards their families, have jobs and live in an educated, democratic society.
      1. A and B have the same skin colour – right love.
      Their skins are different – wrong love.
      2. They are both rich or both poor – right.
      A is rich and B is poor – wrong.
      3. The age difference is small – right.
      A is much older then B – wrong.
      4. They have never been married – right.
      One of them is divorced – wrong.
      5. Both A and B are healthy and pretty – right.
      A is ugly – wrong.
      B has a disease, or someone in the family had a health problem – wrong.
      6. They are living in the same town – right.
      They are living in different towns or even different countries – wrong.
      7. They have the same religion – right.
      A have a different religion then B, or not one at all – wrong.
      8. A is a woman and B is a man – right.
      Both A and B are men or they are both women – very wrong!
      Oh, yes, THIS is very, very wrong! What a shame! They make us sick! We can accept a different skin colour, religion, age, wealth, nationality – we’d never accept the same sex. A decent person would say that gays and lesbians do have rights, but wouldn’t accept a relationship with somebody who is a gay or a lesbian. The feelings towards a person of the same sex would turn into “I like her/his body because I want to look the same. I like her/his style and I enjoy being together. She/he is my very good friend – or my role model”. Deep down in your soul you know this is not true, but you wouldn’t recognize it. You are too conditionned to respect the rules of our society.
      You don’t surrender your love. You think twice when you fall in love with someone whose skin has another colour, who is much richer or poorer than you are, who is much older or younger, whose religion or background is different. You pretend to be a tolerant, civilized person, you put love above all, but you think twice. And your feelings often remain a secret. A spicy, dirty, deep buried secret. Somebody of your age, colour, religion, nationality, social status will make you happy one day.
      The song says: “Love, thy will be done! I can no longer hide. I can no longer run.” But the song isn’t about differences.

© Copyright Roxana Brinceanu
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