No fear. No prejudice. No hesitations

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No fear. No prejudice. No hesitations

Roxana Brinceanu

Publicat Duminică, 29 Aprilie 2007, ora 18:46

       An unidentified bright light in the sky.
      Some say it’s an illusion.
      Some say it’s the enemy secret plane.
      Others say it’s the government secret plane.
      Some hide. Some run away.
      A lot of people want to kill them. Others want to kill themselves.
      Some say it’s a God sign. Others say it’s Evil’s sign. A salvation. A punishment.
      And some people want to understand the phenomenon. Physically. Mathematically. Biologically. Technically. Maybe we are brothers. Maybe we could be friends. Or maybe we are the worst enemies, purposely or not. Fight, avoid, help. We must understand before making an intelligent choice!
      But there are other people who want to understand by feeling. Are they crazy? Maybe. What’s the profit if you decide to love or to hate, without any logical explanation, just by listening to your inner voice? You can’t make money of it, you don’t become more intelligent, or more beautiful, you are not stronger, faster, richer, your life isn’t easier.
      But you feel better. You open yourself to the unknown. With no fear. No prejudice. No hesitations. And by this, you understand yourself. Your human condition, your fear, your love, your desires, your freedom, your limitations. Your insecurity.
      You try to tell the world about your discoveries. This is ART. And you will become an unidentified bright light in the sky.
      And so on...

© Copyright Roxana Brinceanu
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