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Roxana Brinceanu

Publicat Duminică, 6 Mai 2007, ora 15:53

      I’m fat.
      I’m ugly.
      I hate my job.
      I don’t get enough money.
      I’m not married yet.
      I’m old.
      I want a new car.
      My neighbour’s house is prettier
      than mine.
      I can’t have children.
      I’m fat.
      My boss doesn’t appreciate me.
      I’m old-fashioned.
      I don’t get enough money.
      I work too much.
      I’m pregnant / My girlfriend is pregnant
      My daughter is pregnant.
      My breast is too small
      My biceps are too small.
      I don’t get enough money.
      She / he doesn’t love me.
      I must take medicines.
      I don’t have time.
      My child hates me.
      I disappointed my father.
      I need more money.
      My house is not clean enough.
      I’m fat.
      My partner cheats me.
      My children don’t eat enough.
      My wife / husband has a love affair.
      My computer is old.
      I don’t get enough money.
      She / he loves someone else.
      If I don’t look like a top model
      they will mock me.
      People don’t treat me as I deserve.
      He’s richer than I am.
      Movie stars are wonderful.
      I’m fat.
      I don’t get enough money.
      Politicians manipulate us.
      I must have a drink.
      Politics is dirty.
      My clothes are not fashionable
      The press allways lies.
      Nobody understands me.
      I’m going to kill myself.
      I’m old.
      I’m alone.
      Is there any God?
      I don’t care.
      Good bye.

© Copyright Roxana Brinceanu
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