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Mission of the SciFi writer

Mission of the SciFi writer
  Dan Marius
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Felix II
Misiunea scriitorului de SF
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Dan Marius

Publicat Sâmbătă, 16 Septembrie 2006, ora 09:15

      I don’t believe that the writer’s mission in the beginning of the millennium have changed to much to the mission he have had since the beginning of time (since the first articulated sounds started to bound between the first biped creatures with speech, since the moments this first humans started to draw with the finger in the warm sand of the African desert): to bring a oasis of new and relish in our pity lifes of the every man. I say “our lifes” because every writer is before everything else a reader, it was a reader while his development to an enough higher level to be able to write and stayed a reader to be able to write well.

      To understand the SF writer’s mission first it must be understand the particular kind of literature to deal with and the special kind of man that want to deal with it. It says that the science and the religion complete themselves because the science brings proofs to explain the repetitive phenomena (that phenomena that can be repeated in a laboratory and not only) in the surrounding nature (the nature of the entire cosmos) and the religion tries to describe in a most clear and complete way that phenomena that for now are not accessible to science. From this point of view the nature of a SF writer is bivalent because he (or she) uses the both type of notion (of science and religion) to create something that nobody else think about until that moment (or thought too little). The atemporal mission of the SF write is to create new universes inside or outside the universe that surrounds us (and that we call world, reality) in which he/she tries to answer all these basic questions of science and religion in his/her personal way (that probably doesn’t belong any existing religion-scientific stream) bust especially to put new questions.

      A well done question can worth more than most of its answers, maybe this is the reason that the great questions of the human condition that have been the interest of the philosophers for centuries are still as new as the day they were asked first.

      Coming back to cosmos we can say that the place of the man in universe gets through the science to the religion and back to the human condition. The SF writer is able to follow the evolution of this triangle with all the sides equals from within and as a whole and also from outside (from the perspective of an alien race), that’s why one of his/her main roles is to bring into attention all the possible – the inevitable – problems. Now, just before a war, this thing is so much important that the wars became as more destructive as the progress of science and the Humanity is at a crosspoint where it can destroy itself or go on its way to the Stars.

      The role of a way opener is essential from the perspective of the SF writer first because it must be an intellectual to be interested in literature and science in an active way, especially because not every intellectual is a SF consumer. This is because not every person is capable to cross over the barriers the civilization inserted in his way of thinking – barriers that exists in all human civilizations, many of them invisible at the first view even for a trained eye. I can say without making a big mistake that the SF is the only kind of literature that combine the sciences and the literature into one notion superior to the component parts. On the other way the things such a person (a SF writer) thinks about can have a very strong practical influence in the surrounding reality, a very good example is Arthur C. Clarke and the artificial satellites that orbits around the Earth – a thing we consider well known in these days but that would give shivers of amazement to any person living 50 or 100 years ago.

      The role of keeper of normality is also very important for a SF writer because first of all he is the one that needs it the most: the normality is an anchor that stop him to loose himself in the period that he spends in a strange universe, even he is the one that creates it. The idea of normality is necessary also because through the contrast it brings in the first plan of the readers it makes them understand the mistakes and what’s bad in the world we all live in.

      The role of keeper of abnormality (interesting wording, isn’t it?) is something through a SF writer become obvious from the normal people. Shock therapy of the new ideas, but especially the good works (that means the way that new ideas are put on paper) is the thing all the people need to get out of the specific and unavoidable numbness and inertness of one (any) way of thinking.

      I was asked what is the role of a writer in the new millennium and it proved to be one of the hardest questions I had to deal with. In a world in a continuous movement and whose priorities seems to change from a day to the next it is hard to show a clear way to the perfect future. A fact is certain: we do not live in the perfect world. The every person’s duty is to fight to create his/her own future in the way he/she thinks so, the role of every SF writer is to try to imagine how the future of this whole world will be and to fight to reach the formula of the perfect world. He is beyond the statesmen even for the reason he doesn’t ask any glory for himself, the glory being only the recognitions of his capabilities. To be a writer is not an option, is a way of life. To be a way opener is not a way of life, it is a necessity. To try to be always the best is not an ambition, is a state of fact.


© Copyright Dan Marius
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