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  Ana Veronica Mircea
The Hell
Behind the scenes
Dear God!
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Ana Veronica Mircea

Publicat Duminică, 15 Octombrie 2006, ora 09:45

      Midday. The sun is shinning and there is no breath of wind to cool the hot air.

      The North-Balkan Desert. The Third Experimental Artificial Oasis. The Winter Garden of The Stroje Flytel . A dozen and a half tables (type invariable anti-gravity plate), placed under the ununiformly discolored and patched (with adhesive plasters made in North-Australian Island) anti-radiant parasols.

      A single occupied table. With his face to the door - Winnetou, a clone from the thirty-seventh generation. No longer in his early youth, he wears an obsolete apache suit (at least, he hopes it’s an apache suit). He drinks Firewater fraudulently taken out from The Moscow Enclave and he presses in his pipe (a relic discovered by a contemporary archaeologist and identified as Peace Pipe) some fossilized creeping stems from Ex-Danube-Delta, which were disinfected, grinded and packed by S.C. CERNAVODA S.R.L.

      With his back to the door - alien Mhato, a trueborn denizen of Arcturus, the classic type of the athletic reptile being; he is accredited to The Earth as a First Rang Detective of The Galactic Federation. He chews hyper-vitamined, nourishing tobacco (the specialty of The House) and spits the toxic residuums in the palm of his left paw, where he breaks them up using the claws of his right paw.

      With his left to the door - alien Sholm, a native from Cappella, humanoid, a representative individual for the Sans-ear race; he is a hireling - like his mother and grandmother were - and his the new bodyguard of Stroje & Suns. He doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke; he looks out of the tail of one of his eyes at the door, and he doesn’t tear his other two eyes off his table companions.

      Alien Mhato: Bally boredom! (He spits.) Those idiots, I mean those from “The Allocations-Service”, have a used-up computer and that full of viruses rusty thing always sends us at the bottom of the sea!

      Winnetou (his left nostril smokes): Pshaw! But this is a bottom of a sea! Didn’t my alien brother hear about The Black Sea? It dried out during the time of the clones from the second generation, after The Pale Faces and The Long Eyes started The Big Murderous Mushrooms War. (He sips out of the Firewater): But I have all the memories of the first clones and I’d tell you about …

      A snap is heard from outside.

      The Stranger (out of doors): Aaaaaa!

      Alien Sholm (jumps up, throwing down his chair): Ha?!

      The Stranger comes in stormily, provoking the pendulous moving of the swing doors. He is a banal homo-sapiens-sapiens, with a bruise around one of his eyes. He takes no notice of the three ones. He goes in the building of the flytel, whose baroque front side fills the background.

      The Stranger (in the flytel): Where the hell is the doctor in charge?

      Alien Mhato (rising on his feet): The malefactor is outside!

      Alien Sholm (is about to go to the door): It’s my duty …

      Winnetou: Iuf! (He lifts himself up and seizes each of the others from one arm): My alien brothers are greenhorns. They have no experience. Let them stay in safety. The red man punishes the bad man! Howgh! (He goes out through the swing doors).

      The aliens follow him with envious eyes (at least, he hopes so) and sit down, sighing.

      A snap is heard from outside.

      Winnetou (out of doors): Aaaaaa!

      Alien Sholm (jumps up, throwing down his chair): Ha?!

      Winnetou comes in staggering. His right palm covers one of his eyes and a part of his nose. A thread of blood trickles from one of his nostrils, following the outline of his upper lip.

      Alien Mhato (rising on his feet): The malefactor has just called his death! (He goes out so quickly as alien Sholm has no time to try to stop him.)

      Alien Sholm sits down, sighing (at least, alien Mhato hopes so). Winnetou shakes the Peace Pipe and presses its contents in his bleeding nostril.

      A snap is heard from outside.

      Alien Mhato (out of doors): Aaaaaa!

      Alien Sholm (jumps up, throwing down his chair): Ha?! (He goes to the door, bawling): It’s my duty!

      In front of the door, he meets alien Mhato nose to nose, and they avoid the knocking in the last fragment of a second. Alien Mhato has an ugly wound in his forehead.

      Alien Sholm goes out. The others follow him with admiring eyes (at least, he hopes so). Alien Mhato falls in his chair and he fails to smile when Winnetou winks him (using his safe eye).

      A snap is heard from outside.

      Alien Mhato (out of doors): Haaaaa?!

      Alien Mhato glances at Winnetou; Winnetou glances at alien Mhato (at least, each of them supposes so).

      Alien Sholm comes in. His both hands cover his central eye. He swears in his mother dialect. He advances running into the tables. Finally, he finds his chair and sits down. His fit for service eyes stare at the others guys, looking to ways to find Sunday.

      Winnetou (unctuous, while he pours Firewater into three bio-assimilable glasses): Iuf! Did my alien brothers also step on the rake?


© Copyright Ana Veronica Mircea
Nota :    * using an idea from the contemporary folklore
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