Merge şi-aşa !

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Merge şi-aşa !

Robert David

Publicat Duminică, 21 Ianuarie 2007, ora 11:22

      It means 'it works anyway!' but the translation does not contain the Romanian flavor of the original saying. 'Merge si-asa!' has its own story; it's like a taboo or like a milestone in the collective memory. It used to work that way for long time; it used to be unnecessary to correct a thing when it worked badly, because that thing was not intended to be sold to anybody. The thing we are talking about here might be a law or a habit or'even worse'a contract. In the western world, a contract is a signature that concludes a discussion and if one of the parts breaks the contract's rules, that part will be avoided in the future and it will be known as a less trusty partner, which will affect it directly. The lack of trust in the western world is synonymous with the bankruptcy. Unfortunately, in the eastern world'and particularly here, in Romania'one can afford to ignore the contract's rules in principle due to the long process of justice. Another aspect of the motivation that makes a contract just a usual paper, is the lack of a competition that might promote somebody to a certain point in a hierarchy. This way, if you know the right person, you can obtain the right position, which is unnatural, but it happens all the time. From this point, until the situation when a signed contract becomes nothing but a piece of paper, the distance is very short. 'Merge si-asa!' will not disappear until those who are directly affected by the situation will not take a strong position against the person involved in this lie. Until the liars will not be removed from their important positions, the game will continue and, day after day, situations like those described above will continue to be common cases. Actually, 'Merge si-asa!' is directly linked with the idea of a lie. Because it does not work that way any longer and even if they are too stupid to admit it, the liars are known by everybody and sooner or later they will be overwhelmed by a deep shame. In that day, there will be one less liar in the world, not a common liar, but exactly the character we are talking about right now.

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