No more stories ?

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No more stories ?

Robert David

Publicat Duminică, 1 Aprilie 2007, ora 15:38

      I have noticed a new trend. The story is dead. No more characters. No more plot. No more patience. The action is the only thing it matters. Endless action. Eventually with happy end. The story has expired. People are not interested any longer in normal reading. They read over the lines. They start with the beginning of the story; they skip the middle of it and enjoy the happy end. Fast food, fast ride, fast reading.
      An important literary critic has issued a strange statement. He said something like: "No matter how many readers you have, only one it's important!". Himself! If he does not know about a book, that book does not exist. If the things are in the way described above, I am afraid that this critic is in big trouble. He might fall from his tall chair. The world is not what it used to be, the world is getting bigger and bigger, there is no room for centralized control and the old fashioned critics should disappear.
      I am afraid that between the end of the story and the critic's statement are strong connections. It is possible that the story's death be caused by some people who consider themselves immortal.
      I prefer the story. The critic is obsolete.
      The critic's role is ambiguous for me. In the old era, the critic used to say things that could promote a writer to the schools’ mandatory readings. But now, the critic's role seems to disappear, mainly due to his incapacity of adaptation to a new climate.

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