Hanging on a piece of heaven

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Diana Virginia Todea

Publicat Duminică, 10 Mai 2009, ora 10:55

      Oh my, this town is smoking
      with passion,
      where is the consequence
      of leaving you?
      I packed my bags,
      like a million dollar baby,
      your love is sweating hot,
      dripping with lust,
      Don't break your dreams,
      darling, it's all in vain -
      Come and see me when
      I leave the airport,
      mean people crushing your little world
      like a puppet's cloth,
      the vanity in you
      will reach my piece of heaven,
      I will cherish your blue eyes even
      when they will sigh after another-
      Love is such a sweet poison
      in innocents' hearts.

© Copyright Diana Virginia Todea

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